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having an end or a limit [≠ infinite]:

the earth's finite resources


The foreground is what looks like the closest thing to you. It's in front of everything else in the picture, and it has the most detail. The background is the opposite-- it's the farthest away and has the least amount of detail. Middle-ground is in-between.


a large piece of electrical kitchen equipment, used for keeping food and drinks cool



 [countable noun]

a space

a space between two objects or two parts of an object, especially because something is missing
gap in
The neighbors' dog got in through a gap in the hedge.
a gap in the traffic
gap between
the gap between the two rows of seats


the gist

the main idea and meaning of what someone has said or written
the gist of
The gist of his argument is that full employment is impossible.
Don't worry about all the details as long as you get the gist (=understand the main meaning)of it.


[uncountable noun]

information that is passed from one person to another about other people's behaviour and private lives, often including unkind or untrue remarks

piece of gossip the latest gossip juicy/hot gossip (=interesting gossip) idle gossip (=gossip not based on facts) common gossip (=something that everyone knows and is talking about) office gossip village gossipBritish English exchange gossip (=talk about other people's private lives with someone)


the grass roots

the ordinary people in an organization, rather than the leaders
grass roots [adjective:]
We are hoping for full participation at grass roots level.



[uncountable noun]

when someone behaves in an unpleasant or threatening way towards you:
African-Americans have been complaining about police harassment for years.
sexual harassment (=because of someone's sex )
We need effective strategies to combat sexual harassment in the workplace.


to make someone feel ashamed or stupid, especially when other people are present [= embarrass]:

Her boss humiliated her in front of all her colleagues.



[countable noun] the effect or influence that an event, situation etc has on someone or something

impact on/upon
We need to assess the impact on climate change.
verb: to impact

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