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1.  the practice of treating one person or group differently from another in an unfair way:

discrimination against
widespread discrimination against older people in the job market
discrimination in favour of
discrimination in favour of university graduates
racial/sex/religious etc discrimination (=treating someone unfairly because of their race, sex etc)
positive discrimination, reverse discrimination
2. the ability to recognize the difference between two or more things, especially the difference in their quality:


[uncountable and countable noun]

when someone is removed from their job:

Wilson was claiming compensation for unfair dismissal.



[countable noun usually singular] a particular type of character which makes someone likely to behave or react in a certain way [= temperament]
genetic disposition
of a nervous/sociable/sensitive etc disposition (=having a nervous etc character)
The film is not suitable for people of a nervous disposition.
have a cheerful/sunny etc disposition (=have a happy character)


city center



a human - used in science fiction stories


to send out gas, heat, light, sound



to start a company, organization, system, etc that is intended to exist or continue for a long time [= found]:
The city of Boerne was established by German settlers in the 1840s.
Our goal is to establish a new research centre in the North


to not allow someone to take part in something or not allow them to enter a place, especially in a way that seems wrong or unfair [≠ include]:

a mainstream exhibition that excluded women artists



to demand that someone does something because it is a duty or seems reasonable

expect something from somebody
The officer expects complete obedience from his troops.
expect somebody to do something
I can't expect her to be on time if I'm late myself.
expect a lot of somebody/expect too much of somebody (=think someone can do more than may be possible)
The school expects a lot of its students.




[plural noun]

rooms, equipment, or services that are provided for a particular purpose:

All rooms haveprivate facilities (=private bathroom and toilet).
The hotel has its own pool andleisure facilities.
toilet facilities
childcare facilities

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