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something difficult

[uncountable and countable noun]

challenge of
The company is ready to meet the challenges of the next few years.


[uncountable noun] formal

careful thought and attention, especially before making an official or important decision:

proposals put forward for consideration


making you believe that something is true or right

Courtenay played the role in an utterly convincing way.


in the course of last year = during last year


  • (verb)news
    to report the details of an event for a newspaper or a television or radio programme:
    I'd just returned from covering the Cambodian war.
  • to include or deal with a particular subject or group of things:
    'Exercise' is a word which covers a vast range of activities.



the pieces of something that are left after it has been destroyed in an accident, explosion etc:

She was hit by flying debris from the blast.


done in a way that is intended or planned [= on purpose, intentionally]:

He deliberately upset her.


design (verb) context: is designed as

Definition: to plan or develop something for a specific purpose (Longman DCE 2008)

Example: These exercises are designed to sthrengthen your muscles. (Longman DCE 2008)

This textbook has been designed to explain the basic terminology of the subject area.


a piece of electronic equipment, such as alaptop computer or amobile phone, that is small and easy to carry


plural disabilities

[countable noun] a physical or mental condition that makes it difficult for someone to use a part of their body properly, or to learn normally with a disability
Public places are becoming more accessible to people with disabilities.
learning/physical/mental etc disability
children with severe learning disabilities

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