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fairly, to some degree

Abigail's always been rather a difficult child.

rather than: instead of

Rather than go straight on to university why not get some work experience first?

receiving station

the satellite sends signals to the receiving station on the ground

There the raw data are being processed for further use.


if two things relate, they are connected in some way [= connect]:

I don't understand how the two ideas relate.


to continue to be in the same state or condition:

Please remain seated until all the lights are on.


far away

far from towns or other places where people live [= isolated]:

a remote border town

remote sensing

the use of satellites to obtain pictures and information about the Earth


1 small or limited in size, area, or amount:
It's difficult trying to work in such a restricted space.


2 limited or controlled, especially by laws or rules:
Access to these premises is restricted.
Press freedom is severely restricted.


deep-rooted also deeply rooted
a deep-rooted habit, idea, belief etc is so strong in a person or society that it is very difficult to change or destroy it [↪ deep-seated]:
a deep-rooted suspicion of lawyers