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done in a way that is intended or planned [= on purpose, intentionally]:

He deliberately upset her.


past tense and past participle withheld [transitive]

to refuse to give someone something:


to not allow someone to take part in something or not allow them to enter a place, especially in a way that seems wrong or unfair [≠ include]:

a mainstream exhibition that excluded women artists


done without an acceptable reason:

unjustified price increases


to make someone feel ashamed or stupid, especially when other people are present [= embarrass]:

Her boss humiliated her in front of all her colleagues.


[uncountable noun]

information that is passed from one person to another about other people's behaviour and private lives, often including unkind or untrue remarks

piece of gossip the latest gossip juicy/hot gossip (=interesting gossip) idle gossip (=gossip not based on facts) common gossip (=something that everyone knows and is talking about) office gossip village gossipBritish English exchange gossip (=talk about other people's private lives with someone)


not asked for and often not wanted:


[transitive verb] to move something or someone upwards into the air:

Sophie lifted the phone before the second ring.
He lifted the lid on the pot of soup.


the past tense and past participle of stick

something sticks, it becomes fixed in one position and is difficult to move:

This door keeps sticking.
If you get stuck, you don't know how to continue


[countable noun]

a line with irregular curves:

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