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Glossary: Global glossary


spread over a wide area or over a long period of time


the part of a country that is near the sea

the eastern seaboard of the US


appearing to have a particular quality, when this may or may not be true [= apparently]:

The new minister was faced with a seemingly impossible task.


a piece of equipment used for discovering the presence of light, heat, movement etc

capteur (fr.)


[uncountable and countable noun]

an ability to do something well, especially because you have learned and practised it [↪ talent]:
Reading and writing are two different skills.
Many jobs today require computer skills.
skill in/at
He was valued for his skill in raising money for the company.
develop/acquire/learn a skill
opportunities to acquire new skills
with skill
The whole team played with great skill and determination.
technical/management/practical etc skill
the kinds of communication skills required of teachers
Students need to possess certainbasic skillsby the time they finish school.


beautiful and impressive [= magnificent]


[countable noun]

a line with irregular curves:


to spread out or cover a large area of land


the past tense and past participle of stick

something sticks, it becomes fixed in one position and is difficult to move:

This door keeps sticking.
If you get stuck, you don't know how to continue


  • able to continue without causing damage to the environment:
The government should do more to promote sustainable agriculture.
  • able to continue for a long time
  • good for the environment:environmentally friendly